Saturday, October 9, 2010

11 Months


You are ELEVEN months old! Just one more month before your first birthday!

You have too much to do these days to sit still and take a picture with your bunny. I tried and tried but couldn't get one. So I tried sitting the bunny next to you but you kept knocking him down before I could get a decent picture!

So I enlisted the help of Daddy. Here you are smiling when Daddy walked in. You love Daddy.
And here is one of the only pictures I could get of you sitting with the bunny. Pitiful. But look how big you are!
You weigh about 24 lbs now. You wear size 4 diapers and mostly 12-18 month clothes. Since the weather has been cooler I got out Will's old shoes and you have outgrown some of them before you even wore them! Right now you can wear a size 4 or 5! You have 5 (almost 6!) teeth and your hair is growing quickly!
You are crawling/creeping everywhere and you love to pull up and cruise the furniture. Sometimes you stand on your own but you haven't attempted to walk yet. You are BUSY. You get into everything. You pull tuperware out of the cabinet and books off the shelf. You love when I am loading or unloading the dishwasher and you constantly try and climb and sit on the door and pull silverware out of the basket. You love balls and books and pushing things. You love Will's vacuum so maybe you need one of your own!
You sing "E-I-E-I-O" from Old McDonald and you have started saying "No no" and sometimes "Nana" as well as "mama" and "dada". Ms. Honey says you can say "eat" but I haven't heard it yet.
You are only taking sippy cups with whole milk now and are eating all table foods. You love bananas and ravioli and anything sweet. You also love green beans and peas. Will would gladly give you all of his.
We will be celebrating your first birthday very soon and I can't wait! Though I can't lie, I am kind of sad that you are growing up so fast.

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