Saturday, July 19, 2008

U is for Ugh...painting.

View from dining room

View from front door


Brad using the liquid sander

We have painted every room in our house at least one time. The kitchen took 3 times to get the right look. The guest bedroom took twice. Our bathroom took 3 times (don't ever do the Ralph Lauren linen paint, no matter how cool you think it is - its a pain!). We've also painted trim in every single room and painted the kitchen and laundry room cabinets white. The woodwork in the living room has been marked to be made white since we bought the house. But I knew how much work it was going to be and put it off. Next month will be the 4 year anniversary of closing on our house, so I guess it's been put off long enough. I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to take on this project while caring for a 3 month old, but we made it! We started last week by liquid sanding the woodwork. Of course they had to be cleaned before we could even do that. We taped up the edges and put down paper. Prep work is no fun but its worth it! Then we primed (2 coats in some places), then painted 3 coats of white. The mantle needs another coat of white and we still have to paint the tray ceiling. I realized after we started that we had a deadline because Lea Ann and Steve were coming to stay with us. Wednesday evening we finally got started on the walls. We finished up Thursday night and were able to take all the paper up and get our furniture back in order. It took awhile to pick a color because I thought I wanted blue at first. We settled on Ralph Lauren 'Burlap' in satin and I'm very pleased. I never thought I'd be one of those boring people who paints their whole house neutral tones, but I guess I'm getting old because I am beginning to love neutrals more than color. I'm just so glad its done and aside from touching up places and painting the ceiling tray, we don't have any more painting to do in our house!! (except for the outside, and I think I may leave that to professionals)


erinenorman said...

Looks awesome, LOVE the color! Yeah no one likes to ceilings, you'll just end up with a crick in your neck. That would be totally money well spent to hire someone to do that! :)

D McKinley said...

Sarah, the paint job looks amazing!! It truly looks like you hired the professionals. Y'all did a great job!! Maybe I can come see it before too much time passes!

Russ and Megan said...

Oh Sarah! It looks so good! Can you just come paint my house! I'm scared of any home improvement! Ha!

markbeckylott said...

Looks great! I'm feeling your pain. At least ya'll didn't have to worry with the hassle of replacing sheet rock. That's the current project. ugh! Keep up the good work!