Tuesday, July 22, 2008

V is for Vacuum

The Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal
Vacuuming is something that needs to be done often in our house. With two dogs who shed and a backyard with lots of dirt and pinestraw, keeping our floors clean is a challenge. When Will was a few weeks old, we finally bit the bullet and shelled out a ridiculous amount of money to buy my dream vacuum. Our Dirt Devil just didn't do the job and with a new baby, I was tired of battling with it. It would send a dust cloud out when you turned it on. I would have to stop and empty the canister about 5-6 times just to vacuum my entire living room, which isn't very big. If I didn't do this, dog hair would get caught in the top of the canister and I'd have to put my whole forearm in and stretch my fingers to get it out. But with the Dyson I can vacuum almost the whole carpeted area of the house before it needs to be emptied. It picks up all the hair and tons of dirt that I never knew was there. It was painful to pay that much for a vacuum, but if was worth it!

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erinenorman said...

This is the one we have, don't you love it? Isn't it disgusting how much stuff it sucks up? We've had ours almost 2 years and its worth every penny!!