Saturday, September 12, 2009

17 Months

Will turned 17 months old on Thursday. My baby is turning into a big boy right before my eyes! I never posted about his 15 month checkup. His stats were:

30 lbs (95th percentile)
33.75 inches (95th percentile)
head circ (?) = 90th percentile

He is getting so smart! Dr. Rogers seemed slightly concerned at his 12 month appointment that Will only said a couple of words consistently, but over the past 5 months we have had a word explosion!

Will's words:
Dada (obviously for daddy but also when he wants to know what something is)
Mama (doesn't use this one to call me but he does say it)
dow/dat dow (dog/that dog)
lowr (flower)
bik (book)
wak wak (quack quack)
hey! (always in a very excited way and often to strangers)
bah/ball (ball)
du (dude, which he heard me say when he was tearing something up)
lo? (hello when holding a phone)
Mac (Max, his grandparent's dog)
Nana (my mom)
Pop (my dad)
Poppy (Brad's dad - only said a few times)
blloon/lloon (balloon)
lellow (yellow)
voom voom (vroom vroom for a car)
ahwhy (alright!)
dree (tree)
knock knock
dananana! (no no no no! he got this from us when we were trying to stop him, now he says it when he's doing something he shouldn't)
dan (fan)
laht (light)
bebe (baby)
bye/bye bye
bah (bath)
He makes the signs for baby (so sweet!), Nana (which he made up), fan, and please (we are working on making that a frequent one instead of him going eh! eh! when he wants something). He waves bye and knocks on doors (and opens doors if they're not locked). He loves the vacuum and says wee! when he wants you to use it or you are using it. He LOVES balls and will kick, hike or throw them. He really loves books and wants us to read them constantly. He loves water and gets very excited if we say 'bath' and runs to his bathroom. He LOVES shoes and brings us our shoes to put on and tries to put his own on. He claps for us when we put ours on.
He really is a sweet boy and so funny. He laughs a lot and recently started squinting his eyes up and showing all his teeth when his smiles (which I can NEVER catch on camera for some reason). He makes us laugh a lot and though he is becoming a picky eater (he will eat anything cheese, though) and fighting sleep more, he's a pretty easy going kid. It is hard to believe nearly a year and a half has passed since he came into our lives and he will soon be a big brother!

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The Burgess family said...

what is it with kids and cheese? Pearl is the same way, she will ALWAYS eat cheese!

Will's words are very impressive, esp for a boy! Jesse only said about 5 words at 1 1/2 years old. Isn't it fun to watch the "language explosion!"

And again, LOVE his new haircut!