Friday, September 11, 2009

Who is this kid?

I have been quite a lazy blogger lately. With Brad working a ton, and me often working late then playing single mommy throughout the week (at least through bedtime), I just don't have the energy to post! But we have been up to quite a bit! 2 weeks ago I decided I'd had enough of Will's curly hair. Don't get me wrong - I totally loved the curls when they looked like sweet curls, but they had recently turned into a mess! Toward the end of the day he would have Bozo the Clown hair. I wanted to get it cut but we were all battling a cold and I figured my newly pregnant hair-dresser wouldn't appreciate us coughing and sneezing through an appointment. But when I picked him up 2 Friday's ago and saw the fro, I decided it was time. I drove by a chain men's and boy's barber shop and saw the waiting room was empty so we went in and I had them cut it all off! We did save a couple of curls but I did not get pictures of the momentous event. She did cut it a bit shorter than I intended but I think it is adorable. I also think it aged him about a year and a half. He looks so grown! I had totally forgotten about the sweet point he had at the nape of his neck before his hair started getting long. Seeing it reminded me about his sweet chubby baby days. I am finally used to it now but for several days he just looked like a different child to me!

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The Burgess family said...

It IS amazing what a haircut can do, isn't it! So cool that he has that little nape in the back. My guys don't have that and have to have a strait line shaved across the back of their necks, not near as cute ;)