Monday, September 7, 2009

Yogi Bear Waterpark

We recently took Will to the Yogi Bear Waterpark at Jellystone Park in Pelahatchie for an afternoon. The park is only about 20 minutes from our house and didn't even know it was there until a coworker told me about it a few weeks ago. They've been open for 2 years (I think) and it is really neat! They have activities scheduled for the whole day including a hayride and an outdoor movie. There is also a putt-putt course and a playground. We only went to the waterpark but we will make a day of it the next time we go. You can also rent a cabin and stay there and all the activities are included, so we will do that sometime, too.

Yogi on top of the water tower. Every 10 minutes or so, a whistle would blow and water would start pouring from the tower.

The main play area. There was a larger slide on the other side and a zero-entry pool that overlooked Pelahatchie lake.
The water was only a few inches deep which was perfect for Will to be able to sit and play.
Checking out the mushroom waterfall with Daddy.
After getting soaked under the tower.

After getting down from the tower
Sliding down the big slide with Daddy. I took him once and he really loved it. Before we went down he would start saying "Wee wee wee!" We would have taken him more than a few times but unfortunately the line took forever because kids would break in line in front of us! I know my children will never be perfect but it gets me when parents don't pay attention to how their kids act and treat other people in public! But all in all we had a great time!

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