Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Price I Paid for Peace and Quiet

Brad is out of town enjoying some time with his dad and brother. So that leaves me, Will and the dogs at home. I started out the morning going through the guest room closet so that hopefully we can get Will moved into that room and be able to work on the nursery. I made some pretty good progress but then got to a container of pictures and scrapbooks and supplies and Will was wanting to be too helpful. So I decided it was time for a break and I just wanted a few minutes of quiet time. I talked to my brother on the phone and saw Will go behind the chair I was sitting in, then got off the phone and was watching "Deliver Me" (great show, by the way!). I knew Will was still behind me and was being quiet and I thought he probably had a book or toy or something appropriate that was keeping his attention. WRONG! He kind of fussed then came out looking like this:

My first thought was oh no! Sharpie! But it wasn't.

Can you guess what it was?

He looks kind of cute with his little Hitler stache, right?

He even got it on the back of his thighs! That is talent!
My child decorated himself with mascara. I'm thinking he got it out of my bathroom at some point and hid it under the chair. Thank goodness it wasn't waterproof.

All clean after lots and lots of scrubbing. If you ever need to know, Lever seems to take it off easier than Huggies baby wash.
Why does it seem like things like these happen when Brad isn't home?


Mama4 said...

High heels. Mascara. Oh, my!

Mary said...

Was gonna guess eyeliner...

That's a smart one I tell you.

I added you to my list of "blogs I read," because I always do read yours!

Mary said...

Be sure to enter my giveaway this weekend!!


This post had me laughing out loud! The title probably was the icing on the cake. And when i saw the first pic, i knew (unfortunately from experience) EXACTLY what he had done. That is just adorable!