Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life Goes On

When we lose people we love, life goes on. And lose really isn't the proper term here. I guess 'separated' would be more accurate. You see, we know EXACTLY where Betty Jo is. She is in the most wonderful place that you and I can't even imagine. She is surrounded by, as my mom put it "perfect love". She is home in Heaven in the presence of God. How awesome is that? We grieve our separation because we will miss her, just as we miss others who have left this imperfect world before us. But I know that I will join her one day because of the saving grace of Jesus. And life here in the meantime goes on.
Will and Nana hanging out on the front steps of Betty Jo's house
My brothers and me (l-r Chris, me, Joseph, Sam)
Sam and mom

I enjoyed my time in Corinth with my immediate and extended family. Betty Jo married into the Johnson family and though nearly all of her brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law have passed away, there are still many cousins, nieces, nephews and all of their children and grandchildren. They brought food, ice, drinks and sent flowers. They participated as pall-bearers and offered up their homes for family to stay in. My second cousin Jenny kept Will and my niece and nephew during the funeral. I wish I saw them more often and knew them better, because they are all very kind people. We visited, looked at pictures and reminisced about Betty Jo. She would have loved having everyone gathered around and talking about her!
We were not able to have a graveside service because of the rain, but we did go to the cemetery the evening of the funeral. The kids shared a reverent moment with us then began to run and play and climb on the gravemarkers. Will went from one to another, having a seat and pulling weeds from around the stones. Then he found a spot he remained content in for several minutes and began picking up dirt and throwing it down his jon-jon. I wasn't too worried because I was planning to give him a bath anyway. But my mom seemed stressed because he had to ride in her car! When I took his diaper off a little while later at bathtime, he had some dirt down in it. Ah yes, life does go on.
my little guy just chillin'
Hannah, Alex and Emma Claire
Will before his dirt shower
Alex is quite a funny guy
-Sweet Emma Claire

The beautiful spray atop her casket

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