Monday, August 30, 2010

Aunty Em

The weekend after we went to the beach my brother Sam and sister-in-law Emily came to visit. Oliver was not in tow this time which was sort of strange. He was visiting with his Aunt Tressie and baby cousin Adley, so I feel pretty sure he was having a blast!

They brought Will some belated birthday gifts and he was so excited! Aunt Emily read his new book to him and his cousin Alex.
Can you oink like a pig?

Alex can!
Can you chomp like a gator?

The boys enjoyed spending time with their Aunty Em!

*It is funny to me to look at Alex and Will side by side. Alex is 20 months older than Will and they enjoy playing together. They are first cousins and look NOTHING alike. And they are both wearing size 3t gymboree shirts here!

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Mary said...

You can't tell how old kids are by size in clothes! Charlie, Ty, and my 7 year-old nephew all wear the same size. Ha! So fun to have family visit!