Friday, August 6, 2010

Orange Beach Day 3

Saturday morning we had a leisurely breakfast and then a not so lesiurely time getting ready to go to the pool. Suiting up and getting sunscreen on 2 little people can be a challenge! But we made it and Will thouroughly enjoyed his time in the water.

I went Friday and got him arm floaties and a pool ring to use instead of his life jacket which was too tight. He loved them!

He had a blast swimming with Daddy. He did not want me at all!

Little Reed didn't have a choice. He seemed to like being in the pool.

After a little while it was time to go get cleaned up so we could go out to eat lunch.
Can you see Reed's fin on top of his hood?
The beach was just steps away. Many places in the area had double red flags but our condo only had one.
While Brad and I got showered and dressed, Gigi got Reed hopped up on caffeine!
Then we took in the gorgeous views from the balcony.
Will refused to be in a picture with us.
We headed to Tacky Jacks for lunch. The service was less than stellar but the food was good!
Reed wasn't too impressed. He thought his carrots tasted the same as anywhere else. :)
Will enjoyed his sweet tea with a bendy straw.
And he also enjoyed his 'ba' and sitting by Gigi.
We had to wait awhile on our food so Poppy drew a portrait of Will.
And Gigi entertained us by putting on Will's hat.
After lunch we took some pictures on the front porch of the gift shop.

I love this one of my boys.
But this one is the sweetest. They are smiling at their daddy (I think) and Will is holding Reed's hand.

After lunch it was nap time and then pictures on the beach...

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Mary said...

Your pictures are so precious! The ones of the boys in the rocking chair-go enlarge them and frame them now!!