Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photoshoot, Take 2

Do you know how difficult it is to get a decent shot of 4 people?

Especially when two of them are ages 2 and under?

And the wind is blowing our hair? Oh well, we tried!

But reduce the number by 2 and it gets a little easier...

LOVE this one of Will. Even though he is burrying my lens brush in the stand. Still love it.
I was getting him to smile by telling him to say hey to his daycare buddies. I think he was yelling "Kayla" here.

This little sweetie just gets me every time he smiles.

Can you see the water dripping from the shell?

I probably took almost a hundred of him playing in the water. He loved it!

This is possibly my favorite from the day. The sunlight broke through the clouds and was so buttery warm and glowy. I made Brad get out of the way. He was nervous stepping away from Will but the momentary danger was worth it. I mean look at this! I only edited this by cropping it. If I could bottle light like that I would be rich! I think I will crop it a little more and have it printed on canvas.

It was hard to choose which ones to post because I took a few hundred. Of course a lot of them are not great and I should delete them but that is so hard for me to do! I would probably post all of them if it didn't take so long to upload a set to blogger. I have a few more to share of Reed. then I can move on.


Mary said...

So sweet! I've loved looking at all of your pictures

The Burgess family said...

oh my gosh, those are terrific pictures of your boys! What a beautiful scene to take pictures of some sweet boys! Love it!