Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beating the Heat

Using the word "hot" to describe the temperature lately just wouldn't do it justice. I don't think I remember it ever being this hot in June in all my summers of living in Mississippi (which has been my whole life). And then I think "Man, it's only JUNE! We still have to go through July, August and most of September before there will be any relief. And I'm pregnant."
I know it could be worse. I'm glad I don't live in a place where there is no air conditioning, ice or swimming pools. Unfortunately we are no longer members of The Club which has a WONDERFUL swimming pool. I am so tempted to rejoin but hate to commit to another expense when we have another baby coming.
The hard part about it is Will loves to be outside. He cries to go outside. But he gets so hot so fast I am not ok with him being out there for too long. So the other day I took him to Renaissance shopping center where they have a nice play fountain area. He loved it. Well really he loved it for about 20 minutes until some older kids showed up and started running and screaming like banshees. I think he would have been fine had they occupied the other 90% of space he wasn't in but they apparently needed every single water geyser to be happy so he got freaked out and started crying. We will definitely be going back there. And next time I won't wear my scrubs so I can get a little wet with him.
The hat didn't stay on for long
Trying to decide which fountain to go to
He liked the water about this height. Wasn't crazy about it when it shot up.
I love his little pot belly

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Mary said...

You look so beautiful! I am a little behind...understandable but still sad to I'm reading like three posts at one time on people's blogs. You find out really soon, I think you wrote Monday? Exciting!!

Love the spray park pictures--I'd like to run through those things myself most days but I refuse to put on a swimsuit right now!