Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Will's First Haircut

"Hey, buddy! Ready for your first haircut?"
"My first what? What are we doing here?"

"Mommy, I'm not so sure I'm liking this."

"Alright, I'm definitely not happy about it now."

"Well that wasn't so bad. I'll even sweep up!"

And he even gave a half smile and posed with Joanna

I finally took Will in for his first haircut a couple of weeks ago. I had been holding off until I got his 1 year pictures taken. I was debating back and forth on if I should cut his curls. I decided that we would trim the top and his bangs, and if it looked funky, we would cut the curls. We didn't have to cut a single one! Joanna has been cutting my hair for 4 years (please don't judge her talent by how I look most of the time - I don't go see her often enough!). I saw her recently and asked who I should take Will to for his first haircut. For some reason I didn't think she cut kids' hair. But she said to bring him in and she did great! I am so glad I took him to her because I know her well enough to give my real opinion and also trust that she'll do what I ask. It is hard to tell that he even got it cut, which made me very happy. He still looks like a baby and not quite grown up yet!

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