Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 2 at the Beach

Sunday was a pretty fun day. We started off the morning with Will playing in the condo and on the balcony.
He loves his monkey blankey. We now have 3 because they tend to get lost for a day or two.
I just love these big baby blues.

After hanging out for awhile we went to Tacky Jack's Tavern for brunch with some old friends of the Sharps. They have twin 11 year old boys who are so cute. I wanted to get a group picture but we had to make an early exit due to some 'I need a nap'-crankiness.
Will and his Daddy had fun watching the fish while waiting for a table
Aunt Sara and Uncle Andrew chilled in the shade

Will got a second wind when we got back to the condo and refused to nap. We finally gave up and took him to the beach. Whew. Taking a toddler to the beach is not very care-free. It is actually quite a bit of work! He enjoyed the sand and laughed at the waves, though he preferred to stay pretty close to an adult rather than run free. I bought him this life vest because I was scared to have him next to open water. It is not an infant vest with a head support but he is so big this one fit better. I figured it was better than nothing plus it provided UV protection.
Hey! I found a shell!
Too busy scooping sand to pay attention to the camera

I had to take a picture of this tent. Friends had told me how great these infant pop-up tents were for some shade. I looked at them but found this one on ebay and it claimed to be compact and easy to set up, plus it was bigger than the baby pop-up ones and cheaper. I almost bought it then found it in Target for about $8 cheaper. Score! It provided UV protection plus is big enough for adults to sit under as well. So we get to the beach and had never messed with the thing before. It was compact but the set up was not so easy! I bet the people around us had a nice laugh watching us try to figure this tent out while the wind blew at what must have been 20 mph. Thankfully my mother-in-law was with us so we had extra hands and Will was content to be in the stroller watching us and the waves. We finally got it set up and then had to turn it away from the ocean so it wouldn't blow away! We ended up not really using it so the whole thing was a waste. Lesson learned. I bet it would be great for the park or something though, and now that we know how to set it up, it will only take a few minutes.

We got back to the room and got Will cleaned up and he finally took a nap and we went to the pool. Sunday evening we took some family pictures on the beach (will post those later - they deserve one of their own!) then we left Will with his grandparents while we went out to eat. We were seated by a family with a very tired little boy who was quite whiny (it was about 9:00pm). We were thankful it wasn't our child disturbing the peace! On the way back from the bathroom the mom eyed my belly and said "Ours will make you change your mind!" I told her we already had a 15 month old and gave her a knowing smile. Then I got to thinking - what did she mean? Change our mind about having the baby? Keeping the baby? I guess it was her way of apologizing for her whiny child, but it was kind of funny!

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