Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 1 at the Beach

We were lucky enough to go on a vacation with Brad's family to Orange Beach, Alabama. I had never been there or to the beaches close by and was looking forward to my first trip there. We planned to leave Friday morning but unfortunately I was either the late, back-up late or on-call nurse Monday thru Thursday and didn't have a chance to get ready to leave. I was really thrilled when Thursday afternoon came and I watched as my coworkers left at 2:15 while I stayed another 4 hours doing endo procedures. I joked with another late nurse that at this rate, we wouldn't leave until 2:00pm Friday! We were finally packed and ready to drop the dogs off at the vet just after noon Friday. Brad put the dogs in the Tahoe and the engine would not crank. Seriously? When jumping off the car didn't work, we called my dad and he came to check it out. His battery guage showed that our battery was dead. Good news! But when they got to the store, their battery guage said ours was good. Bad news. We took our chances and bought a new battery. The car cranked and we left our driveway at 2:00pm, just as I had jokingly predicted. Poor Will was a trooper after not having a nap all day and conked out just 1 mile out of town. He didn't wake up until after Hattiesburg! After a long Chik-fil-a dinner in Mobile, we finally arrived at The Caribe at about 8:15pm. So much for being there around 3. What a day! Thankfully the rest of the trip was smoother.

Saturday was a great day. After having some breakfast in the condo, we took Will to the pool. He loved it! They had 2 huge pools with 3 tiers each. One pool had a zero entry tier with little fountains in it. His favorite thing was throwing the ball with Daddy and filling up and pouring water from a found pitcher. He also enjoyed sitting on the waterfall wall and just playing in the water.

Aunt Sara and Uncle Andrew sunbathed while we played

We had an awesome condo. I forgot to take pictures of the inside but it was perfect. We each had our own bedroom and bath and the kitchen, dining and living room were all open and overlooked a large balcony with several floor to ceiling windows. Will had fun running up and down the hall, through the kitchen, dining and living room and back and forth on the balcony.

He also enjoyed climbing up on the patio chairs
Self portrait at 21 weeks, 5 days
Me and my little man (I'm not doing thumbs up here - I was adjusting my strap)

Will and his Gigi (Brad's mom)
View of the boater's island on the bay to the left of our balcony
residential island to the right of our balcony

bridge to the residential island

Saturday afternoon we talked about going to the beach but never made it. Will took a 3 hour nap (three!!) and I dozed for a couple myself. We were just plain lazy! That evening we had dinner at Cosmo's which was wonderful. I recommend it if you're ever in the Orange Beach area. After tons of yummy food we went to The Wharf to walk around. We took Will for a walk.

He actually liked being on the leash. We did this because he threw a fit getting in the stroller which is very unusual for him. He was a pill for the rest of the evening, except for when we stopped at Bruester's for ice cream (did you know kids under 40 inches get a free cone?) and then he was all sweet, happy and smiley.
Our family of 3.5 at The Wharf harbour

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Megan said...

Looks like so much fun! Your self portrait is very "MckMama". Love it!