Wednesday, February 10, 2010

22 Months

Will, you are 22 months old today! See the bear you are holding? Can you believe it is the same one I started taking your pictures with when you were a week old? Back then, you were barely bigger than it. Now look at you! Your face is a little red in this because you had been throwing fits since I got you out of the bathtub. You do that sometimes. I am hoping it is because you are almost two and it is a normal toddler thing. It will be pretty embarrassing if you still fling yourself on the ground and kick and scream when you're 20.

You LOVE to be read to! Your favorite book these days is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?" You can say all of the creatures' names except for "children".

I got you tickled by asking you to say 'cheese' (which you did!).

The pjs you are wearing (which you did NOT want me to put on you) are hand me downs and both feet now have holes in them. I think maybe its time to say bye bye to this set.

After we got through reading, Nana came by and she read to you some more! You like your Nana pretty well. You love all of your grandparents, actually.

When you hear a loud truck outside, you often run to the door to see if it is Poppy's truck. You ask me about daddy (when he isn't home) and Gigi and Poppy and Nana and Pop everyday, at least once a day.
You have been fighting naptime a lot lately and I'm not sure if you are wanting to give up your nap entirely or what. You are one cranky boy in the evenings if you don't get one, though, so I am advocating we keep trying them.
You are paying more attention to TV these days. You clap for some shows like "The Price is Right" (which you have been doing for several months) and "The King of Queens". You started watching "Barney" at church and you either call him "Barney" or "Gorney". You seem to really like him, though! You also seem to like Clifford and Elmo. I have yet to see you watch any show for more than 5 minutes though. I am thankful you aren't a TV zombie but sometimes it would be nice to have you occupied for a few minutes.
Lately you have really enjoyed the dogs' water bowl and putting all sorts of things in it. You also like to pull a chair up to the counter and watch me cook or just to see what is up there. The other day, you grabbed and then peeled a banana all by yourself! Daddy folded part of the kitchen table down and pushed it against the window to give us more walking room and now you climb up on it and stand in the window to watch the dogs. We try to keep you from doing these things, but you are so fast and so sneaky! Just last week you pulled my camera off the counter, dropped it and broke my lens and I was standing 2 feet from you.
You are so funny and sweet. You become very concerned when Reed cries and if you can reach him, you try to put a pacifier in his mouth. Speaking of pacifiers (bas), Poppy told you your ba was 'yuck' one day and now you say ba yuck. You still want it, but you want us to agree that it is yuck. Hopefully you will kick the ba habit soon.
The past two Sundays we have taken you to church, you have cried a pitiful cry when we drop you off in your Sunday School room. You start saying "mama? mama? mama?" and each one sounds progressively more pitiful until you are crying saying it. It breaks my heart. I know you have a good time in there and you stop crying after a minute or so but I just want to run through the doors and scoop you up and take you with me. You never have been upset when I leave you so it is hard to see and hear you do this. So could you stop doing that, please? I would appreciate it. I actually cried the first time you did it and it is sort of embarrassing.
One last thing - your size. You are still a big boy! I think you weigh about 34lbs. You are wearing a few size 24 month things but mostly 2t and some 3t. You wear a size 8 shoe and size 6 diaper, though the 5's don't look much different than the 6's, so we might go back to those and save some money. I am looking forward to taking you back to Dr. Rogers in April to see what your stats are.


Anonymous said...

I work in the 4/5 yr old class at church Sarah- and there are still some that dont care to be left with us- the crying normally only lasts a few minutes for sure- suddenly the child sees us doing something fun or a toy catches their eye and they are off and running.. Aunt Sarah

The Burgess family said...

No WAY is that the same bear! Boy has he grown!