Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am stressing over nothing

I am stressing over nothing. Next month (see not next week, next MONTH) I am taking the boys for a picture session with Mary Moment Photography/Kim Smith Photography. It's not even a big session. It's a mini session. I haven't had Reed's picture taken professionally yet and I figured it would be best to start out small. I love the look of these ladies' work and hope to be able to produce similar photos one day.

Anyway, the sessions are being done here:

Well maybe not exactly in that spot, but in that outdoor shopping area. Lots of pretty neutrals and lots of sunlight.

I am stressing over what to dress the boys in. I know they will look cute in anything but I want to find just the right outfits since I can only choose one. Most days we just go with Target clothes or whatever I found at Gymboree or Children's Place or Baby Gap on clearance. Or whatever was handed down to us. But pictures are different.

I just can't decide. I want something cute and non-fussy but non-slouchy. Something simple that will let their natural cuteness shine through. And something coordinated but not too matchy matchy. So far, this is what I have come up with.

For Reed, a chambray one piece that the sleeves or legs can be rolled up on. It is a little darker in person.

And if he wore that, Will would wear these (on sale for $14.99 now!) with a navy polo.


Will could wear this:
Or this:

With these:
And oh my goodness how cute are these?!?

And then maybe put Reed in this? Or does it go with Will's outfit?

I also thought this was cute for Reed and maybe I could do brown shorts and the white oxford for Will:

I like this for Reed, too, and it's only $8! But I am thinking maybe the stripes will be too bold? What do you think?

Or I could do jeans and solid polos for both boys. Ack! Too many choices! Please help! Leave your opinion in the comments. I only have a month left!


Aunt Sarah said...

I say go with the first set up.. The chambray for little Reed and will with a navy shirt.. The location is a neutral back ground wiht the red (?) street so the blue would be a great mix and be very boyish.. Cant wait to see them!!

Lahni said...

First set up for sure! Think of the black and white possibilities! Also, those tricks with making everything black and white except for the blues or whatever! :) (and btw, I dont consider $14.99 to be a sale! I read that and was like WHOA, I can get 7-14 pieces for that! LOL. I am spoiled by my outlets!) Good luck. It will be adorable. Quick! Find some little driving hats or golf hats whatever for the boys! That would be super precious!

Sarah Sharp said...

Not all of the streets are red, that is just the only pic I could find.

And Lahni - I usually don't spend that much on their clothes. Typically I buy everything on clearance and try to buy ahead for the next year, but for special things I will spend more. The shorts are usually $25. If I didn't need them buy a certain time, I wouldn't spend $15 for them. Almost everything on here is from Gap and most of it isn't on sale yet. I am hoping they all go on sale before I have to buy!

Erin @ Puddin' Sugar said...

Ok, I'm no help! I think all are precious!! But if you held a gun to my head, I would say go with blue because of their gorgeous eyes.

Mary said...

I'd say the first set too. They are all very very cute though--I'm all for buying the cheapest things for them just to have while they're on sale!

Yes, blue would be great for your boys!

Dru said...

Ok, I am going to be different and say I like the "blues" outfits. Meaning the white polo or white with blue whatever things on it for Will and the cute blue shirt with those pants for reed. I like the first outfit ok, but for some reason it reminds me of something when we were babies, and I am not a fan of collar stuff on little babes, it just gets all weird. I know that doesn't make sense. I love navy or dark blues on boys, I think it is so handsome. And your boys have beautiful blue eyes to match. Good Luck! Whatever you pick will be great.

單存 said...

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The Burgess family said...

I like the first set up, or the very last one (brown stripes for Reed)

I like your chinese commenter ;)

Can't wait to see the photos, i'm sure they'll turn out GREAT!