Monday, February 22, 2010

It snowed! (again!)

Ok, so it snowed over a week ago and I'm just now blogging about it. It was beautiful. Really a treat, but this is the third time it has snowed (I think - or maybe the 4th?) this winter and I am so over the snow. I enjoy 60 degree winter days, so lots of cold weather and pretty fluffy stuff that becomes slushy stuff just isn't my thing.

I think we got about 3 inches at our house which is probably the most we have gotten at one time in over 10 years (that I can remember). I came home from work early and Will was getting ready to go down for a nap, so I bundled Reed up and took him out for a minute. (Good thing I only spent about $6 for this little snowsuit because I think we have used it 3 times).

Our house on February 12, 2010:

Look at all that snow! In February! In Mississippi! Who'd a thunk it?

We have lots of pine trees in our yard and I have a strong dislike for them. But I have to admit, covered in snow they are quite beautiful!
This is one of our neighbor's trees.
And here's our Lucy Bear. Hi Ms. Bear! Or Lu, as Will calls her.
I can't imagine snow on the belly feels good. She's so silly.
I didn't have a yardstick to put in it and show you how deep it was, but it came up about halfway on the back of my shox. Very scientific, eh?
I never got to take Will out to play. Brad got called out to work right before he woke up, then Reed woke up right before we were going outside. Don't feel bad for him, though. He thought it was rain so he didn't realize what he was missing.
After a cold, snowy day we bathed our boys and put them in some matching snowman pjs, courtesy of Children's Place clearance. $4 for the set!

And we laid low the rest of the weekend except for a lunch outing with Brad's parents. Doesn't Reed look nice and snuggly warm?

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Mary said...

Love thepictures of snow in MS! My brother and his wife live in Jackson I don't know if I've told you that...and the picture of Reed is really cute on your last post!

The Baby Bjorn thing I have was a gift and I have liked it but I'm not sure if it's worth it-I have never been uncomfortable in it but my husband has and other friends who have bought them on my recommendation have said they didn't like it any more than the ones they have tried.

Sorry! Maybe Joy looked so cozy because she's on the last leg of being able to ride in it?? She's like 19 pounds and I think i'll have to give it up soon! :)