Wednesday, February 17, 2010

4 Month Stats

Reed went for his four month checkup today. His stats were:

14lbs 6oz
25 inches
16.5 inch head circ.

He was 50th percentile in all three measurements! Yay big man! Dr. Rogers was very pleased with his development. Aside from not rolling over yet, he is right on track with other 4 month olds. Dr. Rogers wasn't worried about his eyes (blocked tear ducts) and said they should clear up on their own but if they don't by 9 months, he will refer us to an opthamologist.

He did fairly well getting his shots and I have dosed him up on Tylenol. He has been napping in my arms most of the afternoon. Will's Poppy came and picked him up so I could dote on Reed. I took Will to the appointment with me and he cried when Dr. Rogers talked to him. So his 2 year check up should be a blast in April.

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