Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Gibbses

The day after Christmas, the Gibbses (and Sharps) met up at my oldest brother's home to visit and try out each other's chili. (and yes, I realize it is February now, but I forgot to do this post during the holidays and then I started back to work and sort of forgot). We didn't have extended family there, but it was a houseful with my grandparents, parents, siblings and their families. Here we all are minus Chris, who was taking the picture.

And here we are in color!

These are all the cousins. Reed is being held by Hannah, the oldest cousin. She will be 11 this summer! So hard to believe. Seems like just the other day I went to the hospital to meet her. It was right after she was born that I decided I wanted to be a nurse. Anyway, Hannah and Emma are the only girls and Emma is holding their brother Alex. The three of them are Chris's children. Oliver is in the middle. He is my brother Sam's son and he looks SO much like him! But sometimes he make faces that remind me of his momma, Emily.

I think this is my favorite one from the day, just because of Alex's position and expression. He didn't want to pose. He and Will are about 20 months apart so it is fun to look at the two of them play and imagine Will and Reed playing together one day. The last 4 Gibbs/Sharp babies have been boys so it is TIME for a girl! Of course I was CONVINCED Reed was a girl and thought I would break the boy streak.

Here are all the siblings and spouses. My brother Joseph isn't married yet. (Ladies, leave a comment if you're interested! Ha!)

Just me and the boys, youngest to oldest (l-r)
I was busy fixing a plate for Will and getting him fed and forgot to take a picture of all the chili! I think we had three pots? It was a lot, but all good and neat to see how everyone cooks it. After dinner things got a little silly. See for yourself:

Then somebody ticked mom off and she got the wii gun after them. The woman has good aim, so don't tick her off! Just kidding. She was playing some game Joseph brought. See Brad in the background snuggling his baby? Oh so sweet.

So it was a fun Saturday. We don't have lots of traditions during the holidays, but we do enjoy seeing each other. We are hoping my grandparents will be moving closer soon so hopefully we can have more frequent get togethers. And maybe if we do I won't wait 7 weeks to tell you about it.


Megan said...

Looks like fun! And yummy!

Mary said...

Such sweet can tell your family is close and supportive. So sweet.

Yes, wishing for pictures of the chili now. Maybe I'm just wanting some chili. Yes I think that's it.