Friday, May 30, 2008

Bumbo Boy

Tasty Hands
Big Yawn!!
About to topple
My cousin Russ came to visit yesterday and brought Will a Bumbo. Its supposed to be for ages 3-14 months and Will isn't quite 2 months yet, but I couldn't resist putting him in it! His head control isn't perfect but he did pretty well for a minute and seemed to like it. I'm sure he'll enjoy it a lot more when his head is more steady, but it was pretty neat seeing him sit up. We will definitely be using this more in the future. Thank you Russ and Megan! We love it!


The Johnsons said...

I'm SO glad you put pics of Will in the bumbo!!! I'm also glad he hadn't outgrown it since it took so long to get it to you! I hate I was in a meeting when Russ came by. I'll definitely have to stop by soon to see his sweet face!


erinenorman said...

Wow! I can't believe he did so well! We had to quit using ours when Jake was about 6 months old because his thighs got too chubby!