Monday, May 19, 2008

My How He Grows!

Will is nearly 6 weeks old and changing everyday! The picture on the left was taken at 6 days old and he was 6lb 10oz that day. The picture on the right was taken today and he is over 10lb already! I hope he doesn't continue to gain 1lb a week because he'll run out of summer clothes before summer ends! He can still wear the same outfit because it was so huge on him to begin with. He is starting to make cooing noises that I catch every now and then. He half-smiled at his Nana on Saturday while looking at her but since he has yet to smile at me or Brad, we're blaming that on gas. We want the first real smile!!
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erinenorman said...

That's just crazy! Keep taking pictures with the bear, what a great growth chart!