Monday, May 12, 2008

One Month Old!

Jake the Faithful Babysitter


There's a spider on his romper! (don't worry, its fabric)

Not happy with mommy for taking his picture

Will was a month old on Saturday. It doesn't seem fair that time is passing so quickly. I'm excited to see him grow and change but I want him to stay tiny at the same time. We've learned a lot in the past month! For instance:

  • He HATES being naked! He screams when his diaper is off. I think he'd rather sit in a dirty one that have it changed.

  • If you don't cover up his privates with a washcloth during a bath, you're asking for a shower!

  • He's slow to wake like his mommy. He gets very cranky until he's alert then he's a happy boy (as long as he gets fed promptly).

  • He's an angel when he has an audience. He rarely cries if we're in public or there are grandparents around.

  • He loves riding in the car. Once its clicked in the base, he calms down if he was upset.

  • He doesn't seem to mind our 90lb golden retriever, Jake, licking him in the face or his hands or his head. We try to prevent this, but that tongue is quick!

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markbeckylott said...

Ha! Asher hated being naked too! He's just so cute. I love all the sweet clothes!