Wednesday, March 10, 2010

23 Months

You are 23 months old today! It is your LAST month as a 1 year old! You make me smile frequently and crack me up often. After I got you out of the bathtub and was dressing Reed, I used Reed's brush to tame your wild hair. You took off with the brush and a minute later I found you with your toothbrush in one hand and Reed's hairbrush in the other and you were just going to town...buck naked. You are quite a fan of brushing your teeth as long as YOU can do it. How much proper tooth brushing is being performed, I can't say, but at least something is getting done.

You started daycare last week and you LOVE it! You are so happy there with Ms. Honey. When I pick you up, you usually start doing something a little naughty and Ms. Honey is always surprised because apparently you are a pretty good boy for her. I guess you save your more challenging behavior for me and daddy! Ha!
You are so big. The last I measured and weighed you, I think you were 35lb and 36 inches tall. These pjs are new and they are 3t's! The pants are a little long, which is usually the problem we have with 3t stuff. But it fits everywhere else! You mainly wear 2t and 3t clothes, size 8 or 9 shoes and size 6 diapers. After trying many different diapers brands, we finally figured out we can buy diaper doubler pads to put in with your diaper overnight so you don't have wet sheets in the morning. What a relief!
You are so sweet to Reed (most of the time). Tonight Reed was spitting up and I didn't see him. You went and got his blanket and started wiping his chin while saying "baby spit up". Last night you kept saying "Shh! Quiet Reed!" when he was talking in the car. How funny for YOU to be telling someone else to be quiet! One of daddy and my favorite things for you to say is "I love you." We kind of get in yelling matches saying it to each other. Yours comes out as "I lud choo!" most of the time.

You are a book fiend and crazy about Barney these days. You frequently ask to "Watch Barney" and thanks to your grandparents, we have several DVDs. You get SO excited when Barney pops on the screen and you shout his name and laugh! Tonight I watched you as you sang along a little and did some of the motions. You also really love trucks and motorcycles. You like to line all of your trucks in a row and you often put them in your little people barn and silo. You still love your "mink" (monkey) and go to bed with it but you also want a book or a toy. I oblige because you will often play or 'read' then go to sleep without fussing.
You have so much personality and I just adore you! I can hardly believe you are almost 2! Last year at this time you were just starting to walk and now you run everywhere! You have been such a blessing these past 23 months!



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