Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Will feeds the ducks

A couple of notes:

1. This was his first time going to feed the ducks. When I handed him the first piece of bread, before the camera was one, he stood there and took a couple of bites of it.

2. There are normally a ton of ducks at the lake. Not sure where they all were.

3. I fully expected him to try and chase them or get close to the water and debated on whether it was a good idea to take him and Reed by myself. But as you can see, he stood in one place! Amazing!

4. I didn't mean to stop the video when I did - I accidentally hit the button. Oh well.

5. Right before we left, I was kneeling down by the stroller talking to Reed and an 8 year old kid (he told me his age) walked by Will and made some funny faces at him, then came and stood behind me and made faces at Reed. I'm pretty sure he gave me bunny ears, too.

6. I littered for a minute. I was feeding Reed and Will took the last piece of bread and the bread bag blew into the water. But it was at the edge and I was able to get it and throw it away. When I got to the trash can I saw 6 or 7 bread bags, so no wonder the ducks weren't going nuts over the bread. Guess we'll have to get there early next time.

1 comment:

Mary said...

sooo sweet! You will love looking at this in a few months--they change so quickly! He's a hoot!