Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to have fun at the park (by Reed and Will)

For starters, give mommy a good glare when she tries to take your picture. Smile as soon as she takes the camera away.
Show mommy how big you are by sliding down the big slide.
Stick the landing.

Glare at mommy again.

Think about conquering the big slide again.
Own it.

Hang out underneath the playset on a cool little bench.
Give mommy a break and smile a little while she has the camera focused on you.

Tell her that's enough.

Look cute coming off the little slide.
Make a funny face.

Climb up the steps for the 100th time in 10 minutes.

Charge mommy.

Slide down the little slide again.

Look bored with all the sliding.
Go up the little slide, just to keep it interesting.

Make a silly face.
Make mommy think you're going to jump out of the open space because you're crazy enough to do it.

Spot the swings! Beg mommy to help you on the swings. Since there are no baby swings, (and she tries prevent tantrums) she obliges and you stay on the big kid swing!
Make a sillier face.
Cry and throw a fit and try and wiggle out of mommy's arms when she tells you it's time to go. Make her stop and readjust 3 times on the way to the car so she doesn't drop you. Keep crying after you're buckled into your carseat and give mommy plenty of time to capture photographic evidence of tantrum.

And THAT is how you have fun at the park!


Megan said...

Please tell me that you are printing all this into a blog book! You will be so glad you did!

Erin said...

Hahahaha! I love this post!

ps, my word verification was "webelebr". awesome. might be my new favorite fake word! just try it. say it out loud. it's sure to make you giggle.

Haven said...

Love it! Such a great and funny story by the boys!