Friday, March 26, 2010

Exhibit A

Yesterday, when I thought Will was better and before I realized he wasn't (more on that later), I took him to get a haircut. I usually take him to Sports Clips (I think it's a chain?) and they generally do a good job. His hair is thick and wavy and it's hard to make it look bad. Yet the Walmart salon lady found a way.

ExhIbit A:
Notice how he has no sideburns anymore. Not that he needs huge ones since he's a toddler, but a little curve wouldn't hurt. It's the way nature made him. And she cut it straight off. And you can see where she didn't cut the hair near it. This is just one part I'm disastisfied with. You can find something from every angle if you look.

(This is what will typed while I was away from the computer trying to comfort Reed: kdsddddddddddcdccddcssss
Not quite 2 and typing. Very talented boy.)
Anyway, when we first got there I asked if there would be a wait, because I'm all about not waiting with a baby or toddler in tow. She said no, so we signed in. She proceeded to spend the next 5 minutes acting like she was looking for someone or something and didn't say anything to us. Then she finally got her supply case, a towel and an adult drape out and gestured toward a chair. I asked if she had a booster for him or if she wanted me to hold him. She looked around for about 30 seconds and spotted the boosters behind her. After she got a towel around his neck she then realized she would be needing a drape for a child. I was starting to gather she wasn't their star stylist.
I explained what I wanted (cut a short as possible around the sides and back without using clippers and then a little longer on the top). She then cut about 1/3 of the hair on his head and asked if that was good. I suggested maybe she should trim the hair that was hanging over his ears and could she maybe do it a little shorter. So she did what you see to the areas over his ears, though obviously neglecting certain patches. She trimmed the top of his head about 1/2 a cm. And then asked if that was good. So I asked again could she just do it a little shorter because his hair grows so fast and really he could use a haircut once a month, so I like to get it short. So she trims his bangs pretty well and takes about a mm off what she's already done and asks a third time what I think. By this point I'm just done with her. She was obviously new and apparently in some sort of community program where people with learning disabilities can get jobs.
I'm kidding.
But then we tried to check out. Oh boy.
She rings us up for an ADULT HAIRCUT. We got 1/2 a child's cut.
"That will be $14.95."
"You rang us up for an adult haircut."
"Oh. That will be $13.00"
"Are you sure, because it says right here - 'Child's Cut and Shampoo: $10.95'. And you didn't shampoo, so is the haircut only cheaper?"
"I'm not sure, let me check."
Insert Will starting to FREAK OUT because he has used up all his toddler patience sitting still for a haircut and oh the injustice of having to sit in a basket and wait for a special needs lady to check us out.
(sorry. she irked me)
FINALLY we figure out that shampoo or not, full haircut or not, it is $10.95 for a kid's cut. So I give her my debit card. I am not sure I have ever had it take that long to process a debit card. Bless me and Will's patience by this point.
I finally get the slip to sign and begrudgingly gave her $1.50 tip because I just feel like with haircuts or restaurants, you give SOME kind of tip, even if it's not totally deserved. So that's $12.45 for a terrible haircut. And tomorrow (if he's feeling better), we're going to Sports Clips to get it fixed.


Erin @ Puddin' Sugar said...

O... M....G! You might as well just buzz it and start over! And I think Will was just typing what he is gonna say to that lady next time you are in Walmart ;)

Haven said...

Oh Sarah! I am so sorry! I had to giggle when you mentioned no sideburns! Bless his heart! Lea Ann and I had a similar experience when we were cheap college students. We thought Wal-Mart would be okay to get a haircut. You will just have to ask Lea Ann about her story! Hope that Sports Clips is better tomorrow!

The Burgess family said...

I just got my own haircut yesterday and I think anytime anyone talks about going to a new place to get a haircut I just get knots in my stomach. Too many bad stories like this, ugh it just makes me sick to even think about haircuts because you never know what you're going to get!

I cut my boys hair myself, I learned by trial and error and then a friend of mine who has been to hair school gave me some tips too. Luke likes how I cut his hair, because his mom used to cut his sideburns off like that and he HATED it! haha!

The Burgess family said...
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Erin said...

OMG Sarah, that is funny and so sad. I have a funny Wal-Mart hair cutting story too about my niece who used to work there and had an old lady client that asked my niece to help insert a suppository into her you-know-where because she was too old to reach.

She politely declined.

Okay, not really an apples to apples comparison by any means, but a Wal-Mart story nonetheless.

Good thing his hair grows fast. I say stick with Sports Clips!