Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet as honey

Meet Ms. Honey. She is taking care of the boys for us now and she lives up to her name (it's not her real name - I guess you could call it her business name, but it suits her). They LOVE her. Well, Will does anyway. Reed likes anyone who gives him a bottle. Will loves her. He asks for her. I had to hear about "Mih Huh-knee" all weekend. He doesn't want to leave when I pick him up. He has become big buddies with Ms. Honey's granddaughter, Austin.

I guess I can't blame him for wanting to stay. Other kids to play with. Getting to paint with marshmallows. She even has instruments. He can play a mean maraca, that boy.

I know he misses his Poppy because he asks about him a lot, too. But we thought with Will being older and needing more stimulation and Reed on his way to being mobile in a few months, it may be best to have someone else keep them most of the time. We weren't planning to do it so soon but I found Ms. Honey and fell in love with her and she had two spots, so the timing felt right. We are on week two of them being there and so far, so good!

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