Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Months

You are five months old today! FIVE. That just seems so wrong! How is it possible that nearly half a year has slipped by already?

You are such a happy boy! You smile at me all the time, unless I have the camera in my hands, of course. You love to coo and make noises and do a big, noisey yawn. It ALWAYS makes me yawn if I see you do it. I actually yawned just thinking about it a second ago!

I am still waiting to watch you find your feet and roll over and sit up. I know you will do all of these things and more very soon! For now I am just enjoying you being my sweet baby. I still take you to church with me and I love holding you and watching you sleep. Sometimes you are so BUSY staring at everyone and looking at the stained glass windows and sometimes you go right to sleep. I will probably have to take you to the nursery soon but I glad I have kept you with me this long.

Somedays you look so much like Will to me, then somedays you look nothing like him. I think you will favor him but you look more like a Gibbs to me and my mom. You have lots of hair coming in and it looks brownish red. Your eyes are HUGE and a beautiful light blue. Speaking of your eyes, your left eye cleared up a few weeks ago! Now we just have the drainage in your right eye. It drives me and Ms. Honey crazy trying to keep it clean and you get annoyed with us constantly wiping it. Hopefully the right one will clear up soon! You weigh around 15lb and can only wear a few 0-3 month things. Most of your clothes are 3-6 month and a couple of 6-9 month. You wear a size 1-2 or 2 diaper.

You are a happy boy but you do have opinions about things. Like when you are tired you start crying and want to go to bed RIGHT THEN. And you want to be put on your tummy to sleep. You will sleep in my arms, too, but you prefer your own space. You sleep from around 8 or 9 until 5 if I have to wake you before I go to work to 7 if you wake up on your own. I miss having you right next to me, but I am loving the sleep! You still nap a lot during the day, usually inbetween each feeding. You eat about every 3 hours during the day. I nurse you in the morning and before bed and you take 4 bottles varying from 4-6 oz. We haven't tried any cereal or baby food yet. I still don't think you are quite ready.

I really wish you would stop growing so fast. The days and weeks pass by too quickly. I love spending time just holding you and talking to you, especially in the mornings (when I am usually very short on time) because you are so happy then. It makes me hate to leave you when you talk to me so sweet, but it always makes me smile.
Daddy and I love having you as our second son and we look forward to seeing you grown and learn new things.

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Mary said...

Okay I just read the newd balance post too-hilarious. What is it about clothes that they hate? Ha. I had the same swing-loved it and recommend it to new moms! Did you have any luck figuring out which double stroller to get? Whichever one...you won't regret having one. I just now feel like I can trust Charlie to stay by me and she's a full 2 1/2. And Joy is crazy. Into everything and I always need to strap her into the stroller for her own safety!! I can't believe he is five months old and 15 pounds! Awesome!!!