Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have been following Katie's Keepers since her sweet baby girl Reese was born. Reese left this world just 2 days after entering it. Katie is always so positive and gives God the glory despite being heartbroken over her loss. Katie started posting pictures of Reese's name gallery right before Reed was born and I decided to send her one. She was such an inspiration to me while Reed was in the NICU. Reading her posts helped me through some tough days when I just wanted my baby home in my arms. When I would think of how unfair it was that I had to come home without my baby, God would remind me how blessed I was that I would be bringing him home soon and He would remind me to pray for Katie and other mothers who had lost their babies. I had to come home without Reed when he was 3 days old and didn't get to bring him home for another 15 days. Those days were so painful for me. I felt an actual aching in my chest at times. There were days I didn't think I could make it. But Katie never got to bring Reese home. I had to wait 2 days before I could dress my baby. She had a closet full of dresses she never got to put on her little girl.

I was and am humbled when I read her blog because she has suffered a loss so great I just can't fathom. But she praises God anyway. I hope and pray that if I ever have to go through something even half as horrible as she did, that I can praise God, too.

I sent her a picture for Reese's gallery back in October and told her how she helped me through the NICU experience and how I often thought of her and prayed for her as I held Reed. She emailed me a week or so later thanking me. I kept looking for it but never saw it and thought maybe she decided not to use it. But mom called me tonight and asked if I had checked Katie's blog recently. I hadn't made it through all the blogs since Sunday and was hoping everything was ok (Katie is pregnant again!) and mom told me the picture was on there! You can check it out here. Can you guess which one I sent?

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