Friday, June 13, 2008

B is for Baby Gear

Moses Basket
Activity mat

We have got a lot of stuff to put this kid in! And that doesn't even include the crib, stroller, sling, bumbo, jumperoo, tummy time mat, high chair and bouncy seat. And we pretty much use each of these things every day (except the high chair - its still in the closet). Its true that babies take over your house!


erinenorman said...

Ok, where did you get the hammock? I wish I had that with Jake! He slept in his swing for the first 3 months of his life because he wouldn't sleep anywhere else. We may need that this time if this Nugget is anything like its brother!

Brad and Sarah said...

I got it from You can buy them used on Ebay, also. We've used it instead of a bassinet. He's mostly sleeping in his crib now. It says you can use it up to 40 lbs but once he starts pulling up, I won't use it anymore. You can find cute videos of babies bouncing in them on youtube. Just type in Amby hammock. Its recommended by Dr. Sears, if that means anything. ;)