Monday, June 16, 2008

E is for Entertaining

Will's wall-o-fun
His best Elvis impersonation
Thinking Daddy is pretty funny
Filling his diaper (really - caught it on camera!)
Being silly

We all have our different ways we like to be entertained. Some people like football, others movies, or maybe a crazy rollercoaster. These days, Brad and I are pretty entertained by a tiny person. We love seeing all the faces he makes and hearing him coo, belch (he's really good at this, especially in church) or pass some pretty loud gas. Will seems to be most entertained during diaper changes, when he can stare at the letters above his changing table. They were meant to be more for decoration, but they are apparently very stimulating if you laying beneath them. He laughs and coos and smiles at them almost every time he gets changed. I tried to catch it on video to show you, but I guess he got performance anxiety.

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