Tuesday, June 17, 2008

F is for Fantastic News!

Our friends Josh and Stephanie are going to be welcoming their baby girl, Sadie, into the world tomorrow! She's going to be induced early in the morning. It has been fun for us to go through pregnancy together on our way to parenthood. We're hoping that Sadie and Will become very good friends. We can't wait to go meet the new addition! Unfortunately, we won't be able to until Brad gets over this cold or whatever it is he has. Also my friend Paula is supposed to be induced on Friday so that Sebastien can be born. I will be very excited to meet him, as well!


Susan Smith said...
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Russ and Megan said...

Well...you probably figured out that I spend way too much time on my blog! There's a link on the bottom of my sidebar to the place I got my wallpaper. I found Roan's at thecutestblogontheblock.com

They are both cute places!

Brad and Sarah said...

Did you get Josh and Stephanie's permission to put their picture up on your little blog?

Brad Sharp (aka your husband)