Saturday, June 14, 2008

C is for Clothes

Who doesn't love clothes shopping? Let me tell ya, I've found its so much more fun to shop for little people clothes than for myself. You don't have to worry about getting in the dressing room and being disappointed or worry about finding the perfect shoes to go with that dress. For kids you pretty much just buy the size they need, throw in a pair of socks and you're done. And sometimes you can find great deals on stuff you love! I found this cute chocolate lab romper at Gymboree for Will when he was 2 weeks old (on sale for $10!). I was tired of him wearing the same things over and over since we didn't have many newborn clothes. This said up to 7 lbs but he wore it until he was 10lb, so don't always believe the tags. I liked it so much that when I found it online for $7 I just had to get another one for him! I bought it in a 12-18 months and decided to put them side by side and see what the difference in a year of growth would be (I'm hoping he won't be too big for it by next Spring). I do get a kick out of dressing him up. He's my own living baby doll! Unfortunately, he seems to know just which outfits I adore the most and promptly spits up on them as soon as I get them on him.


The Johnsons said...

That is too cute!! I play "dress up" with the Jenny and Jimmy's kids all the time! That's all I have for now! I'll be terrible with my own, I know!


The Burgess family said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I LOVE baby clothes too and dressing my kids (it's finally hot here, so I put my girls in matching shorts outfits today, so fun!) I was just catching up on your blog, I can't believe how much Will has grown! Wow, it happens too fast!


erinenorman said...

Yes, there is just something about the miniature little man clothes that is just too cute! We really enjoy The Children's Place as well as Gymboree. I recently discovered that Kohl's has super cute little boy stuff too (for Jake's age anyways). We've found little T-shirts there with Tim's plane on it and that's rare! Part of me wishes that this next baby is a boy just so I can get back out all of Jake's old stuff ;)