Monday, June 23, 2008

I is for Introductions

Will and Betty Jo
Will and Kat
Sadie and Will
This weekend we took Will to Corinth to meet his great grandmother (my mother's mother), Betty Jo and his great great Aunt Kat (my late grandfather's sister). It was our longest trip away from home (about 4 hours) and he did really well. Betty Jo doesn't travel by herself anymore and it was nice to go see her. Kat lives in Arizona and just happened to fly in last weekend so it was a treat to see her, too. After visiting for a few hours we drove to Memphis and stayed with our friends Alyssa and Chris and then met Brad's grandparents for lunch on Sunday. It takes awhile to get from Memphis to Jackson when you have to stop and feed a baby but it was a good trip. Then today we got to meet Sadie for the first time! We wanted to go see her last week but Brad wasn't feeling well and we knew they'd probably be overwhelmed with visitors those first few days. She was so tiny! It's hard to believe Will was that small just 2 months ago. Will was a gentleman and brought her flowers. First impressions are important!

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