Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Halloween Ever

I am not really a lover of Halloween. I did enjoy dressing up as a kid and getting candy, but I didn't just love Halloween. But I loved yesterday. I decided to skip the 9:00 feeding with Reed that I usually try to be at the hospital for. Instead I spent some extra time in bed with my other two boys. Will was in an unusually calm and snuggly mood and just hung out with me and Brad for a bit. Brad got up and made cinnamon rolls for us and let me have a few more minutes to be lazy in my pjs. It's a good thing I stayed home, because about 10:30 my friend Alyssa called to see when we could meet up. She had planned on a lunch date for weeks because she would be in town from Memphis. Actually she asked me about it before my water broke and we were thinking I would be nearing my due date. I figured she would just meet me at the hospital and see Reed but she asked to come by the house. At 11:00 our doorbell rang and when I opened it, not only did I see Alyssa and her hubby Chris, but also our friends Lea Ann and Steve! They drove from Columbus to surprise me! We visited and then went to see Reed and had a wonderful lunch at Primos. And I was told Haven was supposed to come from Huntsville, but unfortunately her sweet mama is in the hospital so she stayed with her. But we got the best of Haven: her birthday cake! Red velvet with cream cheese icing. Yummy! Sorry we had to eat it without you, Haven.

Lea Ann made her wonderful chocolate chess pie. Best pie ever. Seriously. And I just happened to have some spray cool whip, so we warmed it up, sprayed on the white stuff and had cake and pie! Mmm mmm good. My friends know how to eat! They left the rest of the pie and I may have had 2 pieces after church today.

Alyssa, Lea Ann, Will and me right before they had to leave. I was sad to see them go but it was time to go to the Fall Festival at church!

Cutest Peter Pan ever. He got mistaken for Robin Hood a couple of times, but he was adorable anyway. And he even left the hat on for awhile!

This was his first experience in a jumping thing. He LOVED it!

Just look at that smile!

After having some fun at the church, we trick or treated at Gigi and Poppy's and they took him to their sweet neighbor's house next door. After that, I had to pack my bags and get ready to spend the night with my baby bear!

The NICU staff let me 'room in' with Reed. They have a nice private room with private bath with a not-that-comfortable-but-not-too-bad pullout sofa and a tv. They hooked him up to a monitor and the nurses pretty much let me take care of him. He was oh so sweet and didn't cry the whole night! He is so laid back. He would just start to wake up when it was time to eat and start making little squeaky baby noises and after I fed him he would go right back to sleep. I hope he stays this easy going!

The day was a lot busier than I anticipated and I wasn't able to do a couple of cleaning things I needed, but I got to spend lots of time with family and friends that I normally don't get a chance to. Plus seeing my big boy dressed up was so much fun. Hanging out with Reed all night was icing on the cake. Best Halloween Ever.

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The Burgess family said...

those are some cute costumes on your cute boys!

And Pearl loves those jumpy things too, those things are great. Our town actually has some and opens the gym up to kids sometimes to jump on them and she loves it, gets right in there with the big kids!