Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Zoo

Friday Brad and I decided to make the best of the gorgeous weather and take the boys to the zoo. The last time we went was the zoo's anniversary weekend and it was PACKED. Yesterday, however, there were probably only 10 other people there. It was so nice to be able to see the animals and not have other people in your way. Will seemed to like it even more this time and tried to say some of the animals' names. I got to take Will on his first carousel ride! We think he liked it. He didn't smile much, but he did cry when the ride stopped and I took him off. I only brought my fixed lens with us so the animal pictures aren't that great, but they will have to do.
The giraffe wouldn't move for a better photo. Go figure.
Will checking out the "Gaffe"

Can't remember what this was, but I thought the markings were interesting!

The orangutans were in a festive spirit and having some pumpkin

Guess who 'wore' the baby for most of the trip?

Isn't this so sweet? He's probably going to kill me for posting these.

Reed couldn't believe daddy was wearing the sling, either!

A Mississippi brown bear

Pretty fall foilage with a pelican pruning himself/herself in the background.

I thought this turtle was pretty cute.

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