Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boy Meets Brother

We took Will to see Reed Sunday night. The NICU rules are that only siblings ages 3 and up may visit if they are well. But they bent the rules a bit for us since Will hadn't seen Reed except for a few minutes after he was born. We thought it was important that he see him up close again and see both of us hold the new baby that would be coming home soon.

The visit started out well. Will saw him and started saying 'bebe, bebe' and pointing. It was so sweet. But, he is only 18 months old so the sweetness didn't last too long.

The first (second) encounter

Checking him out a little more closely

Giving Reed a 'hug'

After about 2 minutes, he lost interest in his brother and found the bouncy seat much more appealing. Then he moved on to the curtain in the room, followed by the glass door, which thankfully was too heavy for him to open.

When Will got restless and it was time for Reed to eat, Brad took him to the NICU visitor waiting room so I could nurse Reed. When I came out, this is what I found. Yes, the shoes are off. It is nearly impossible to keep them on him. What can I say? He is a Mississippi boy and comes from a long line of people who prefer to be barefooted.


Mary said...

Love the bare feet. I always get sad at the end of the summer because I have to say goodbye to crocs and hello to real shoes. Crocs are so easy for them to take on and off!! Glad Halloween was so fun for you! Will was an adorable little thing!

Erin said...

What a sweet big brother! I don't blame him for being barefoot either. If I lived there (and my feet were that cute) I'd be barefoot too!