Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Reed officially became ours today! Dr. Wender had told us Sunday morning that we could possibly send him home today. I tried not to get too attached to the idea because the last time I did that and he didn't get to go, I was crushed. Plus Dr. Wender's rotation had ended and it was now up to Dr. Temple to discharge him. But I called this morning and they told me he was good to go! I really wasn't even that excited when we left the house today because it didn't feel real. But with each mile that passed, I felt a little more giddy. When we got off the elevators and started walking the long hallway to the NICU, I was elated. I was nearly in tears thinking about taking our baby home! I managed to keep in the tears because (and anyone who knows me can testify to this) I am an UGLY crier. It is BAD. But I couldn't keep in the smiles. Knowing that I wouldn't have to drive 10 miles to see my baby. Knowing I wouldn't have to be buzzed into a locked unit to get to my baby. Knowing I wouldn't have to scrub my hands and forearms for 3 minutes before touching my baby. Knowing I would be able to hold him without wires limiting how far I could walk with him or machines beeping at me if his leads came off. Just knowing all of that kept me smiling.

We were actually a little late getting there. Not late, but later than I wanted to be. His nurse Charlie had him all packed up when we got there. I thought we may have to wait around a bit but Charlie was ready to kick him out! We got him changed into his 'going home' outfit as Charlie went over the discharge instructions. We said our goodbyes and Charlie escorted us to labor and delivery because the staff had requested we stop to show off our boy!

Helen, Melanie and Charlie with Reed. Helen told us if we hadn't shown up by the end of her shift, SHE was taking him home!

Our little guy, all ready to go! I did try to put booties on his feet but they are so tiny, they just fell off. I guess this makes two barefooted babes at our house.

Me and Reed with Kathy and LauraBeth. Kathy admitted me and was my nurse the day Reed was born. She was awesome! LauraBeth was my nurse one day during my week-long stay. She and I used to live in Pontotoc together and her dad was the pastor of our church. I hadn't seen her since we were in elementary school until a few weeks ago!

Our precious family, minus our little big guy!
Finally outside after 2 1/2 weeks with no windows.

Aaahhh, sunlight!
We got home about 12:30 and fed him. Brad's dad brought Will home a little after 1:00 and visited for awhile. Then from 2 to 4 I did NOTHING but hold my baby. We napped in the recliner amidst Will running around and slamming doors and being a noisy toddler. I didn't care, though. I finally had my baby in my arms in our house and I was loving it! It has been an interesting evening since Will isn't the constant center of attention. He seems to like Reed but then throws stuff at him. I don't think it is anything personal against Reed, Will just likes to throw things! It is a frustrating thing for me and Brad to deal with (throwing in general) but what can you do besides time-out and spankings? I know life is just going to get more interesting and challenging in some ways, but I am so thrilled to have my baby home, I just don't care how challenging it may become!


Sarah S Allen said...

I am sooo glad that the Reed is home!!!

Becky Lott said...

Aw, it warms my heart to see this! Congratulations!

Stephanie Kelley said...

So glad your little guy made it home!!

erinenorman said...

I'm SO glad that baby Reed is home!! Yay! And about Will, he's just being a little boy. They throw things, its fun for them, I guess. He'll grow out of it but probably into something else just as frustrating.