Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Clean Bill of Health"

Our big little man had a cardiology appointment Monday. When he was a month old he had some cyanotic spells where he turned blue. After consulting with our pediatrician we spent a night in the hospital and had several tests done, including an echocardiogram. It was Thursday afternoon before Mother's Day and I heard the tech mention to another tech something about 'shunting'. I knew that wasn't good. I had to wait an agonizing 24 hours before hearing more about the results, wondering if my baby was going to be ok. I worried about surgery, heart caths, activity restrictions. Much to my frustration I didn't even get to talk to a cardiologist, only to a resident pediatrician who read the cardiologist's notes. He had an atrial-septal defect and pulmonary stenosis, which meant that the hole that allows blood to flow between the chambers in the heart while a baby is in the womb hadn't closed up and that his pulmonary artery was smaller than normal. We were sent home with a diagnosis of reflux which they thought was causing the blue spells and an appointment with a cardiologist in November.

We went to that appointment and had another echo. The ASD was still there but it was small. Dr. Shores told us that it would probably close up by the time he was a year old. She said even if it never closed on its own, we would never have to do surgery or a heart cath to close it. She wasn't worried about it at all. That was a relief to hear, but we were still a little worried about our baby.

So fast forward to this year. A lot has happened. Life has happend. FAST. It is hard to believe it was already time to go back to see Dr. Shores! I called last week and arranged to have the EKG and Echo done at the hospital where Reed was to save a little money. I have to pat myself on the back for that one because I didn't think about the financial part last year. If you have never been to a cardiologist and had tests run, too, let me just warn you: it is expensive.

Anyway, so I took Will to see Dr. Shores Monday. We had the tests done Friday and Will was an angel. He did so well laying still for both tests. Dr. Shores had to tell us the results. But first, we had to wait for an HOUR just to register. Seriously. Will and I sat in the lobby of the Children's Hospital for an HOUR before our names were called to verify insurance information and such. Did I mention our appointment was at 12:45 and because I am a bad and disorganized mommy, neither of us had lunch yet? I was thinking since we had our tests already and the doctor would have already read them, we would be in and out pretty quickly. Ha! I was wrong. So while we waited, Will and I shared some animal crackers and he took his shoes off.

These feet look HUGE to me now.

We finally got back to the Pediatric Cardiology clinic and after waiting another 40 minutes or so, got to see Dr. Shores. She shared some very good news with us! Will no longer has an ASD and he gets a 'clean bill of health!'. He has no activity restrictions and NO need for future followup from a cardiologist. Such good news for our little boy! So since we will not be seeing Dr. Shores again, I snapped a quick pic of her and the patient.
By the time we left the parking lot, it was a few minutes before 3:00. So Will and I treated ourselves to a yummy lupper to celebrate!


Becky Lott said...

Those pictures are adorable and I'm guessing show his personality! Hallelujah for great news!

Erin said...

congrats on such great news!

i love lupper. one of the best meals you can share with a child. :D