Saturday, October 24, 2009

7 Days

My sweet 1 week old
Ms. Sherna, our favorite day nurse. She has had him nearly every day this week.

7 days. Reed was 7 days old yesterday. A whole week. A week since I became the mother of two. A week since we shouted "It's a boy!". A week since my heart swelled to a size I couldn't imagine 8 days ago. A week since I found out I really could love somebody as much as I love Will. Wow. How does time pass so quickly?

A whole 24 hours passed between visits from Thursday to Friday. That was tough. My dad and I went to get the bargain glider and I thought the store opened at 9 but they didn't open until 10. So by the time I was able to call the store and make sure the chair was still there, get Will to his Poppy's, go by the chiopractor , grab lunch, get the chair, make another stop and get back home, then drive to the hospital, it was 2:20. That was the time he was born a week ago. And now it had been over 24 hours since I touched him. Smelled him. Felt his soft skin. And then his nurse for the day told me I couldn't get him out of the isolette until 3:00 which was feeding time. He was still having trouble with his temp and she didn't want him to get cold. I nearly lost it. But I convinced her to let me take him out. I texted Brad and told him I didn't like our nurse for the day. She really was nice after I talked to her a bit, but can you imagine not seeing your baby for that long then being told you couldn't hold them? I wished Ms. Sherna had him. She usually works in newborn nursery but has been working in NICU a lot during the past week. She had him Saturday then I think Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is a sweetheart and she loves Reed. I feel so good knowing she is here if I am not. She was working in NICU Friday but wasn't assigned to Reed. She came to visit and told me she rarely fusses or complains, but she did that morning when she got her assignment and didn't have Reed! I guess you just get used to somebody and want them to keep taking care of you!
He felt so good in my arms. I think once we get home I won't put him down. I know I will have to on occasion but it will be hard to. I'm sure Will is going to have trouble with my holding Reed. Will has become a little more attached to me since I came home at the beginning of the week. It will just be so nice to have everyone under the same roof!

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