Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey Good Lookin'! Keep on Cookin'!

Today started out with another biophysical profile. My perfect babe scored 8 out of 8! After much searching, the tech was able to find a lonely pocket of fluid. This tech was a little more talkative and didn't seem to mind all the questions unlike the lady yesterday. So as far as I gathered, the baby gets scored in 4 areas (2 pts each). Tone/movement, heartrate/placenta, fluid and breathing. They want baby to at least be 6/8. If we drop to 4/8 we will look at getting baby out soon and anything less means baby needs to come out NOW. So hopefully we will remain at 6 or above. If we are at 6 tomorrow, it would likely be the fluid level and my Dr. said he isn't worried about that aspect. His or her head is still down, so that is great because I want to avoid a c-section unless absolutely necessary.
We passed both non-stress tests today, though they left me on awhile this morning because I was having quite a few contractions. They never got into a regular pattern but were picking up there for awhile. I was starting to think it might be baby time! While they do not want me having the baby yet, they will not stop labor that starts on its own. Currently the plan is to do a growth scan on Monday and then likely induce Tuesday when I will be 34 weeks even. That is less than a week! But with how crampy I've been feeling and with how many contractions I had today, my intuition is that we will have a baby before then.
In the meantime, I am going to enjoy napping when I want, visiting with friends and family, eating all the yummy foods I am being brought (which is NOT the hospital food if you were wondering!) and just thinking about the little person we will be meeting soon!


Jason and Leigha said...

I'll be praying for you!

Erin said...

Well Sarah, that's ahhhbviously a girl. I enlarged the picture, and she's got a pink bow on her head!


Melissa said...

Hey Sarah! Its Melissa! How are ya'll?..I have been talking to your mother on Facebook and she gave me your blog page.I love ya'll photo.