Sunday, October 11, 2009

Making Lemonade

You know the saying... "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade". I am trying to do just that. It is so tough being in this hospital bed, with various tubes and straps in or on me. I am quite a control freak. I enjoy my independence. I have strong opinions and I am strong willed. That pretty much goes out the window when you're in the hospital and on bedrest.

Lemon: I am 32 weeks, 5 days pregnant. My baby's due date is just under 2 months from now. My water broke 2 days ago and now it looks like we will have a preemie and I will be discharged home empty handed, leaving my tiny babe with strangers.
Lemonade: I recognized quickly what was happening and sought care right away. We are almost 4 hours from our goal time of 48 hours since the first dose of steroids and my contractions are still sparce off the magnesium, so the baby looks to have even more time to get ready for life outside the womb.

Lemon: I am unable to get up and sit in a chair, much less take care of Will.
Lemonade: We are surrounded by friends and family who CAN take care of him. We are blessed to live so close to our parents and close to the hospital so he can visit.

Lemon: I had so many things to get ready still. I hadn't washed any baby clothes or blankets. We have no newborn diapers. The crib still isn't put together. Will still hasn't been moved to his new room.
Lemonade: There is time for all that, just not before the baby comes. Since the baby will likely spend close to 2 weeks or more in the NICU, I can go home and do a few things like washing while directing the set up of Will's room and how I want the nursery set up. And since I am stuck in bed, I can do a couple of crafty things like make a door plaque for the baby. I have not impressed myself by any means. I probably should have enlisted the talents of someone like Megan, but we do have some pink and blue stickers we can put the baby's name and birth info on and coordinating ribbon to hang on my postpartum room then eventually his or her door.
(don't worry. the cake in this picture will NOT be here in a little while).
I have a few more lemons to deal with, but my favorite little pint sized person just walked into my room, so I think I will visit with him and my mom.


Megan said...

Girl! You crack me up! Your canvas looks super cute! Just tell me what you want and what the theme is in this new babe's room, and I'll be on it making something cute! Ha! :) So glad you are keeping us posted!

Mary said...

My hat is off to you pulling crafts out while in the hospital! May I add one more "lemonade?" You can get a little I'm sure much-needed rest.

I, too, am so glad you're keeping us posted!

Sarah Sharp said...

No real theme but the furniture is white and bedding is espresso with white stripes and swirls. We will do pink or blue curtains and accents when we find out!

Sarah S. Allen said...

Wish we were close Sarah- cause we would wash up all the clothing and do whatever else needs done to get ready for our newest member! Cant wait to meet her/him!