Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy day!

Yesterday felt so busy. Well, really everyday this week has been busy. Between trying to split my time with Will and Reed, driving back and forth to the hospital, getting a few things done around the house and do other things, like shower, use the bathroom and eat, I am getting kind of tired. I can't wait for Reed to be home so I can be home. Luckily I have felt very well so I am able to go, go, go, but I am feeling ready to stop now. But I can't. I can't not see Reed. I went a whole 24 hours between visits from yesterday to today and it was killing me. But I also can't be away from home. My father-in-law is who normally keeps Will for us while we work and he has been gracious to keep him a little extra for us. Hopefully we will all be home very soon!

Dr. Miller took over for Dr. Wender and will be with us until next Wednesday. He said Reed looked good and that he would be going home before Dr. Wender came back! He said maybe even this weekend! That made me so excited but so anxious to get things done, too. Brad had an out of town trip planned for this weekend and he is going to cut it short and just make it one long day on Saturday, so he won't be around to help that day. We have so much to do!

Reed made it to an open crib Wednesday night. He was doing well keeping his temp up but when I got there yesterday I sponge-bathed him (with his nurse's permission) and he never could get his temp back up, so he has been in the isolette since yesterday afternoon. Not a huge deal because Dr. Miller told us they only have to be ok in the crib for 24 hours before going home, but I hate that he was doing so well and now has to go in 'his box' as one nurse put it. Doesn't that sound awful?

Here is Reed's room. We are so blessed to be in a brand new NICU with private rooms that have their own doors and temperature guage and lighting and chairs. There is even a curtain I can pull closed to nurse him.

All ready to get a sponge bath from Mommy. Don't worry - I did take the cardiac leads off!

I tried to wake him for his noon feeding and he would not come out of it! I threatened to hawk his hair if he didn't wake up and eat. He didn't listen to me.

Oh the sweetness! I could just eat him up!
After I left Reed I went to Hudson's (its a salvage center) because during my week in the hospital I saw them advertising brand name baby items they had gotten in. I got a crib mattress for $25 and a bookshelf for $45! I also saw a swivel glider recliner that we went back and got today. It is the same brand as Will's for 1/3 the cost! It wasn't exactly what I would pick out as far as color, but is definitely the cheapest you would ever get one for.
I went and picked up Will then wanted to crash. Brad got home about 2 hours later and I told him I HAD to take a nap. I slept for about an hour, then my dad brought us some yummy spaghetti. I am so glad he did, because all I was going to cook was the microwave version of mac&cheese. After dinner it was time to get to work! I had been doing some laundry for Reed and cleaned out Will's drawers for out of season and outgrown clothes while Brad gave him a bath. Then we finished picking up some things in the old office/guestroom then vacuumed and started moving Will's furniture. Will was very pleased to help except for when I took his toys in there, he picked them up and took them right back to his old room! Poor Brad had to take apart the crib to take it into the new room then put it right back together again. After we finished with that and got Will to bed, Brad put together Reed's crib! I can't tell you how excited I was to see it up and in his room. It made it feel more real that we get to bring him home soon! I'm sure he won't sleep in it for awhile, but I still like having it together.
Reed's new crib and bedding. We went with neutral colors since we didn't know the gender. I plan to accent the room with some light blue things. The red thing to the left is Will's changing pad and dresser. It hasn't quite made its way down the hall yet.
After all of that was done it was about 10:45. I was still faring pretty well because of my nap, but Brad was in bed shortly after. I ended up staying up awhile because it was nearly time to pump again and I figured it better to stay up a little longer then go to bed instead of going to bed then getting up again. Man it was a long day. But we got some stuff done!
Aaaah. Didn't that make you tired?

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