Monday, October 19, 2009

First Outfit

Little fingers with my size 7 ring
Tiny, perfect baby feet

Hello to all my friends and family!

His Nana (my mom) says this is her nose!

He reminds me a little of Will but this face is a Gibbs baby in my book

I got discharged Sunday afternoon and was able to spend time with my favorite 2 big guys. We went and picked up a few things for Reed and my much loved Anaprox prescription then went home for awhile. After 9 days away, it was SO good to be home. I don't think my recliner has ever been so comfortable! I got to rock Will and put him down for a nap then do some laundry for little bit. I was tired of looking at him in the pink and blue hat and pink and blue blankets, so when they gave me the go ahead for clothes, I had to bring him some things! We had not packed any bags for me or baby before I was hospitalized and I had not washed a single thing. Who knew he would come nearly 2 months early? Once I was hospitalized and knew we would have a preemie, I started looking online for preemie clothes. The small sizes can be hard to find in stores. I bid on some cute used clothes on ebay and lost the auction by $1 Saturday morning. I was kind of bummed because this Zutano brand I bid on was so cute but hard to find. Saturday evening Brad brought me my mail which included a lovely care package from my virtual penpal Kit. We have never met in person but I consider her a good friend. She sent me some great looking books and fun things for me, and wouldn't you know it - some Zutano clothes for baby Sharp! It tickled me when I took the clothes out of the wrapping and saw they were some of the same ones I tried to win on ebay! So thanks to Kit, Reed had his first real outfit and he looked quite adorable, if I say so myself.

As of Sunday, he lost down to 5lb, 6oz from his birth weight, which is to be expected. He is still nursing well and has had fewer spells of apnea. He looks a little yellow to me but the nurses don't think so and told me his bilirubin was fine. Our nurse Saturday night was Caroline, which was the girl name we had picked out. She was so sweet and laid back. Dr. Wender had ordered for him to take 25 to 30cc each feeding, after nursing, which seemed like a lot to me if he nursed well. Caroline told us that if he seems to be nursing well and sleeps well after, not to worry about pushing the bottle. He does take about what he needs during bottle feeds.

The nurses are so impressed with how well he is doing. I keep hearing them say how lucky we are and how blessed we are because most 33 weekers don't do this well. A lot of them need some sort of oxygen support and a lot of them don't feed that well or if they do, it's usually bottle feeding well and not breastfeeding. God is just pouring His love and grace over us and answering so many prayers. The earliest they will let him go home is next Tuesday the 27th and he will have to be apnea free for at least 5-7 days by that point. Dr. Wender told us that he will go home between 35 and 37 weeks, which could be until November 10th. He made is sound like I shouldn't get my hopes up for next week. But my immediate thought was "I have a VERY BIG God!". Please join us in prayer he will stop the apnea and be able to go home next week. My heart will be torn between being with Reed and being with Will until our youngest son is home in my arms.

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