Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Blow this Joint!

Well, at least for a few minutes. Mom was off today so she brought Will up here at 11:30 and also brought me yummy Mexican food from my favorite place. After lunch we took a little trip to the postpartum unit to look at the new babies in the newborn nursery. They were so tiny and oh so sweet. It was a definite morale booster, even though it took us a long time to find the unit. We know the best way to go now, but it can be quite confusing and seem nearly impossible if you don't have a badge to get you in. We got some sympathy from a sweet staff member who took us the back way. Once the baby is born and I am moved to postpartum, it will be easy to get to because family will come in from the other side of the building. Getting there from L&D is a challenge!

After our trip we came back to the room and all 3 (4) of us took a nap. I had to put a sign on the door warning we were napping and to please not disturb. It worked! Will woke quite refreshed and mom and I both woke quite hungry, which has not been the trend for either of us. So she and Will left in search of Krispy Kreme donuts while I finally showered for the day (don't judge). We had my Sunday School teacher and his 36 week pregnant wife and their 2 young girls visit and it was quite a noise fest for a bit with a 4 year old, almost 2 year old and my 18 month old. It was fun to watch them, though.

The biophysical profile showed less fluid than yesterday, so baby scored 6 out of 8. My doctor is not concerned with the fluid level, so that is still ok. While the techs were searching for fluid, they had the screen frozen somewhere near the baby's booty and I saw what appeared to be boy parts. I am not sure that is what I saw and I didn't ask, but it looked that way. With the baby being 33 weeks and a lot bigger, these ultrasounds look more blob like and less defined than a 20 week one would, so I don't feel confident in my gender judging ability. But it did shake my confidence that this is a girl. I now feel the need to review the boy names list! I did have some more contractions today, but nothing regular. I keep wondering if I will go into labor but my doctor said he didn't think I would.

Brad came this evening after working hard all day and was only able to stay about an hour because Will became a pill. I hated saying goodbye to them. It was so hard tonight for some reason. I am definitely wanting to go home. I had a dream last night that they let me go home and when I told my doctor that this morning he said "Yep. That WAS a dream!". Too bad the dogs can't come visit. They would be pretty good company right now. But tomorrow is Thursday (I think!)! And we may be inducing on Tuesday. I can so do this.


Mary said...

Always excited about an update! Yes you can do it--you ARE doing it!

Alyssa said...

Turtle spotting? I'm glad you're still doing well and being bored is a heck of a lot better than being scared. I'd eat a Krispy Kreme for you but I'm stuck at Little Clinic bored myself. May I suggest His travel journal is fun to read.