Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

33 week, 2 day self portraitSorry - no editing software on this netbook I'm using

Well, not really paradise, but it's not so bad. The day started off pretty interesting. I was wakened by a CRNA trying to do a history on me for the anesthesiologist who she told me was going to be doing my epidural for induction today. She had called me by name so I figured she had the right person. After some arguing on my part she went to the nurses station and got it straightened out. She said the ward clerk misentered the date. Or something. She still hasn't come back at it is nearly 12 hours later, so I am guessing she is not coming to do the history today. But it won't be long until I will be getting an epidural. My doctor said it is 90% likely that we will induce Tuesday. At 34 weeks exactly. I feel pretty good about that. It gives me something to look forward to for sure! Tomorrow is my anniversary and this weekend I can spend more time with Brad because he won't be working. Then I just have to make it through Monday and voila: baby day! Baby got another 6/8 on the biophysical profile due to low fluid, so no change or concern there. Been having some contractions, but again, nothing regular.

I was definitely getting homesick last night. I had a HARD time watching Brad and Will leave. I cried several tears last night and a few this morning when I told my doctor I wanted to go home. He gently patted my leg and told me this is home for now. I was feeling pretty bummed and then while my oldest brother was visiting (on his birthday! Happy Birthday, Chris!!), I got a special delivery (which looks to be the ONLY delivery happening in this room anytime soon).

It included a wonderful note from my husband and son telling me they loved me and couldn't wait for me and baby to come home. Oh how it made my day.

And then my day was further made by a visit from small guy himself. He brought his Gigi, a baby names book (because we STILL haven't chosen a for sure boy name), McDonald's ice cream and french fries. He is quite thoughtful. We strolled out in the hall where I took these pictures of him. I love photography and I love him. It works out well for me to have him as my subject.


Mary said...

Precious! He is a doll and you're a great photographer!

Good job hubby making your day and making it feel more like home :)

Sarah S. Allen said...

Does Gigi not allow photos?? Would love to see her smile!! Happy Anniversary- what a beautiful wedding - I remember it so well!

MoDLin said...

I have been quietly reading for a while now, waiting to hear your birth story and good news... but I had to stop and say today that your son is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Have a good weekend. It won't be loong now.