Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend Forecast: rainey with a chance of baby

View from my bed:

Feeling decent on magnesium

Our last picture as a family of 3? Will isn't looking to pleased about being a big brother!
I was the late nurse today which meant I didn't have to be at work until 9. I got to sleep in except for a couple of leg cramps waking me early. I had some breakfast, got Will to his grandparents and went to work. I did try to stop by Seattle Drip for a white chocolate mocha but they were too busy and it would make me late. So I got to work and decided it was going to be a great day! The surgery schedule was looking decent and everybody seemed to be in good spirits. I took care of a couple of sweet patients and while I was talking to one of them around 11, I felt a couple of trickles of fluid. I thought hmmm, that probably isn't good! So I called my docs office and they told me to be there at 1. I finished my paperwork and went home.
Then my sweet dad showed up and told me he would do whatever I needed, so I had him drive me to the appointment. Brad was in Louisiana working and I told him not to come until we knew more. The good doctor confirmed what I was fearing. I was not peeing on myself. My water had broken at 32 weeks and 3 days. They did an ultrasound and I still had plenty of fluid and the baby looked good at an estimated 5lb 5oz. I was hoping they would send me home on bedrest but he sent me to the hospital. An IV, some tests, some antibiotics and steroids and several gushes later, I was having contractions 3 minutes apart. So they decided to start some magnesium to stop the contractions and now they have dwindled down to nearly nothing. The baby is doing well and the hope is to be able to do the next dose of steroids at 4 am and keep me on mag until tomorrow afternoon. After they take me off that, it is likely I will go back into labor and we will have a baby!
I had been having dreams and a feeling this baby would be earlier than term, but was hoping I was just hormonal and silly. But I guess sometimes a mommy's instinct is correct! I know that I am in good hands and my sweet doctor is on standby for me for the whole weekend even though he is not on call. I know the other doc is great but I just love Dr. Gnam and am thankful for his generosity.
So the plan for now is to keep me pregnant as long as possible. I will not be able to leave this hospital bed until the baby is born. My original plans for the weekend were to try and get Will moved to his new room and set up this baby's nursery. And maybe take my little guy to the pumpkin patch if the rain broke for long enough. My how things change quickly!
Brad is trying to get settled on his cot and I am getting sleepy, so maybe things will keep quiet tonight and we can rest because the next day and days ahead are going to be interesting! Oh and one very cool thing is that the women's group from my church were going to a Beth Moore conference today, so I have all these women joined together in prayer along with many other friends, family members and brothers and sisters in Christ. We are truly blessed!

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