Saturday, October 10, 2009

Still Pregnant!

32 weeks 4 days

I am still pregnant and we are trying to keep me that way for 25 more hours. I have been off the magnesium since noon and am having some contractions but not too many or too regular. So I got the go ahead to have a shower! I had a time limit that I could be off the monitor and out of bed so we took a couple of quick shots before I got hooked back up. No time for makeup or hair drying! I am hooked back up now and plan to primp from my bed and have just been given the ok to have some lunch! I sent Brad out for McAlisters. If the contractions pick back up, I have to go back on the magnesium but I have really felt well on it which has surprised me.
I did get some rest last night thanks to some phenergan and stadol. They gave me a tiny dose of it and it knocked me out for 4 hours but not before I started getting giggly! The nurses told me I am a cheap drunk. I have had both steroid shots so we want to give them time to work their magic on baby's tiny lungs. Brad got to tour the NICU today and he said it is very nice. It just opened up 2 months ago and has private rooms.
So hopefully I don't have to do the magnesium again but if I do, its only until tomorrow afternoon. After that, baby can come whenever! I had thought my Dr. said they would just do it through today but this morning he said tomorrow for sure. We could be meeting our little boy or girl in a day or two! I will be happy as long as he or she wants to stay with me, though.
I have to say that my Dr. totally rocks. He put me on clear liquids and toward morning I asked my nurse if I could have a frappe from Starbucks and she said no. Then I asked him and he said yes! Then he offered me a donut from the dozen he brought the nurses. He had given me his cell # at the start of this pregnancy and I never used it until today. I sent him a thank you text for allowing the shower, frappe and donut. He could have been extra cautious and told me no but he allowed my small requests. Well, that on top of taking care of me on his weekend off. And praying for me and the baby before he left us last night. Such a wonderful man.
So enjoy my ugly gown, no makeup, towel headed pics! Will update when we have more news!

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Mary said...

Ok wow I've missed a lot in a short amount of time! First, I'm so thankful you're already at the hospital...first things biggest fear was always that I'd be on vacation and go into labor early. Good job! Praying for you and your family now...I'm sure the baby will do just fine-my doctors always said making it to 30 weeks was the biggest milestone while I was pregnant with Joy. You're well past that in baby years :) Best wishes for an easy delivery!