Monday, October 12, 2009

Guess What!

Not only did I make my mommy smile by playing with me feet like I was a little baby again, but she has some exciting news! No, my baby brother or sister isn't here yet. We're still waiting around. Not quite sure what the big deal is because I am SO cute, you'd think they'd be perfectly content with JUST me! Anyway, mommy's doctor came by yesterday and let her get unhooked from all those funny machines. My mommy tells me one of them is called an IV pump, but I call it a 'mump'. Close enough, I think! So mommy can get up and walk to the bathroom all by herself. This makes her happy. She told me they are going to take some more pictures of the baby today and see how things are going inside her belly. She's pretty excited about seeing this little person again and just hopes the technician is as good as the ones at Dr. Gnam's office about hiding certain parts from her view. We don't want any beans spilled! My daddy spent a lot of time with me yesterday and I even got to go sleep in my own crib last night. The doctor says mommy may be here for 2 more weeks before the baby comes! But I like coming to see her and pushing the rollie stool around the room and hiding in the big cabinet by the sink, so that is ok with me! Bye bye for now! - Will


Mary said...

Will you tell your Mommy we are so happy for her! We know what it's like to be able to get up and go somewhere again after being trapped in the bed!

Erin said...

Will, thank you for the update!

I can't imagine your mommy being there for 2 more weeks. YUCK! It's a good thing you like that rolly stool and hiding in the closet!

You sure do have one strong mama!

The Gilding Family said...

You have a wonderful mommy, Will! ;)